New Studio!……(almost)

September 20, 2009

We’ve been working hard to improve things in the studio (not that it isn’t pretty great already!) and one project we started while I was away was to refinish the wood floors in the main shooting room.  Gone is the old carpet, from when the building used to be a library.  Gone is the plywood below that.  What we uncovered was the original wood floor, and it was in great shape!  The room has a whole new character now, and we’re excited to show it off next time you’re here for a shoot.



Back home in Boston

September 17, 2009

It’s good to be back.  Things I’ve learned from this cycling and camping experience – I can ride 75+ miles in a day, day after day; I can get along with (and enjoy) 13 complete strangers; time on the bike is a great time to think; you don’t really NEED that many sets of clothes; and when it gets dark, go to sleep!  So here are some more images, now that I’ve been able to sort them out.


Taking a rest for lunch. That's a 3-story high sand dune in the back.




When we weren't hugging the coast, much of the road looked like this.



In the Redwood forests, a tunnel through the trees

In the Redwood forests, a tunnel through the trees. This was our only rainy day.


Starts to look like the south of France, non?

Finally at the Golden Gate!  Yep, I was on a bus for this part of the journey.

Finally at the Golden Gate! Yep, I was on a bus for this bit of the journey.

It feels odd not to be riding so much any more.  I’m waiting for my bike, shipped via UPS, to get back here.  And already thinking about where I want to plan my next trip.  It will be closer to home, and will probably involve staying at motels instead of camping.

More pix from my bike trek

September 13, 2009

A foggy morning

A foggy morning

Christmas tree farm

Christmas tree farm

Your cyclist

Your cyclist

Finally, some images …

September 11, 2009

"Bridge" rock formations along the Pacific coast

"Bridge" rock formations along the Pacific coast

Here I am, on the road

Here I am, on the road

Days 3 and 4

September 3, 2009

Spent last night camping in Mt. Humbug State Park.  The traffic on Hwy 101 is much better now, so that is a relief.  We’re riding along a curving strip of road with the majestic Pacific to our right — finally, this is what I came for!  Yesterday coming into camp huge clouds of fog were coming in, mixed with bright sun.  Very cool lighting effects which I hope to show when I can.

I expected the riders in my group to have heavier touring bikes than it turns out.  Other than me and two or three others, they are mostly riding lightweight road bikes with narrow tires.  Although they’re lighter, those bikes are more fragile and indeed several people have had multiple flats and other mechanical problems.  My Hillborne is performing great, and I am greatful for the 24/30 super low gearing.  We have one recumbent rider among us.

Tomorrow is my turn to do the cooking — we take turns and I’ve got two helpers who claim they’re bad cooks, but it should be fine.  The way it works is each afternoon after making camp, the cook crew goes out in the van to shop for dinner and the next day’s breakfast and lunch.

I’ve got a BIG climb ahead when I leave this library internet — could I be stalling? Time for me to head out.  – J

Days 1 and 2 of my ride

September 1, 2009

Yesterday I cycled 66 miles from Eugene Oregon (inland) to the Pacific Coast.  Today I’ve gone south another 60 miles or so along the Pacific Coastal Highway, or Hwy 101.  The riding has gone well these two days, so this gives me confidence that I’ll be able to complete the ride to San Francisco.  Physically, anyway!

We’re a group of 13 unrelated people, pretty diverse, from Alaska, New England, New Mexico, and places in between.  About half women, half men.  So far we’ve made camp 3 times, and now that I’ve had the practice I’m getting better at sleeping on the ground.  After two weeks of this trip, I will have set up and taken down the tent about 15 times.

Inland OR – logging trucks, McCain signs.  The weather is warm.  We climb through several ranges of 1000 feet.  As we descend to the coast, the logging trucks give way to RV’s, and we see liberal signs.  The temp drops about 10 degrees when we arrive at the coast.

A little disappointed with Hwy 101 as it has more traffic than I had pictured.  I’ll start out earlier in the day tomorrow to try to avoid it.  Not sure how I will post pictures here yet, but it may be possible.  And a random note – here in Oregon when you order a coffee (a hot coffee mind you) to take out, they offer it to you with little cocktail straws stuck through the hole in the lid cover.

More later when I can – over and out!