Too much excitement today!  I meant to say “Luckily, Grandma Ricks was at home taking care of Ronin!” — not Lila, who was where she should have been, with her mother Clare.  Too many puppies and babies for me to keep track of I guess!


We had a little celebration here in the studio yesterday during a break in our shoot for Dunkin’ Donuts. Art director Neil Martin of Hill Holliday had just had his second child, a cute little girl named Lila, and yesterday was his 3rd day back at work. Food stylist Sunny Ricks had just had her first, a sweetie named Ronin, and yesterday was her first day back since the birth. Luckily, Grandma Ricks was at home taking care of Lila! So it was the perfect time to celebrate, and prop stylist Verne Cordova went waaaaay overboard helping with the festivities. Here’s our group, shot by Randall Garnick:

Neil and Sunny

Verne made the “Diaper Cakes”

Springtime is puppytime!

April 8, 2010

Wow, it’s been a long time since the last post — sorry ’bout that! We’re back with news of our new studio puppy, Cosmo. Next time you’re here for a visit or a shoot, he’ll be oh so eager to meet you.

The beautiful blue scilla flowers are out now that the spring weather is here, and Stephanie Potter took these shots to mark both events.

Stop taking pictures, I’m hungry!