I recently enjoyed following Chris Douglass around for a few days as he prepared a Pig Roast for the Ashmont Grill in Dorchester.


Days 1 and 2 of my ride

September 1, 2009

Yesterday I cycled 66 miles from Eugene Oregon (inland) to the Pacific Coast.  Today I’ve gone south another 60 miles or so along the Pacific Coastal Highway, or Hwy 101.  The riding has gone well these two days, so this gives me confidence that I’ll be able to complete the ride to San Francisco.  Physically, anyway!

We’re a group of 13 unrelated people, pretty diverse, from Alaska, New England, New Mexico, and places in between.  About half women, half men.  So far we’ve made camp 3 times, and now that I’ve had the practice I’m getting better at sleeping on the ground.  After two weeks of this trip, I will have set up and taken down the tent about 15 times.

Inland OR – logging trucks, McCain signs.  The weather is warm.  We climb through several ranges of 1000 feet.  As we descend to the coast, the logging trucks give way to RV’s, and we see liberal signs.  The temp drops about 10 degrees when we arrive at the coast.

A little disappointed with Hwy 101 as it has more traffic than I had pictured.  I’ll start out earlier in the day tomorrow to try to avoid it.  Not sure how I will post pictures here yet, but it may be possible.  And a random note – here in Oregon when you order a coffee (a hot coffee mind you) to take out, they offer it to you with little cocktail straws stuck through the hole in the lid cover.

More later when I can – over and out!