Stylists on the set

January 13, 2011


Coming next week

September 16, 2010

Hey there – next week I’m going to take a break from my current “photo of the day” format and talk about food photography.  The myths, the FAQ’s, what you need to know before a shoot, how to get the most out of your shoot, popular misconceptions, etc.  Let me know your concerns and questions and I will try to address them.  See you Monday!

We had a little celebration here in the studio yesterday during a break in our shoot for Dunkin’ Donuts. Art director Neil Martin of Hill Holliday had just had his second child, a cute little girl named Lila, and yesterday was his 3rd day back at work. Food stylist Sunny Ricks had just had her first, a sweetie named Ronin, and yesterday was her first day back since the birth. Luckily, Grandma Ricks was at home taking care of Lila! So it was the perfect time to celebrate, and prop stylist Verne Cordova went waaaaay overboard helping with the festivities. Here’s our group, shot by Randall Garnick:

Neil and Sunny

Verne made the “Diaper Cakes”

Hi – Today I wanted to talk about stylists. Food stylists, mostly, but also prop stylists. I look at the stylist as my main collaborator during the shoot. Without them, unless I’m doing an ingredient shot, I can do very little. Here we treat our stylists with gentle loving care, knowing that the better they work, the better we look! So my advice to any client or photographer is to get the best stylist available for the project. Anyway, here are snaps of just a few of the talented food stylists we’ve had in the studio recently.

John Carafoli (top left), Catrine Kelty (top right), George Simons (below left), Nice (“nee-cee”) Minor (below right).