I recently enjoyed following Chris Douglass around for a few days as he prepared a Pig Roast for the Ashmont Grill in Dorchester.


Hi – Today I wanted to talk about stylists. Food stylists, mostly, but also prop stylists. I look at the stylist as my main collaborator during the shoot. Without them, unless I’m doing an ingredient shot, I can do very little. Here we treat our stylists with gentle loving care, knowing that the better they work, the better we look! So my advice to any client or photographer is to get the best stylist available for the project. Anyway, here are snaps of just a few of the talented food stylists we’ve had in the studio recently.

John Carafoli (top left), Catrine Kelty (top right), George Simons (below left), Nice (“nee-cee”) Minor (below right).