In between busy shoot days; Jim has been gearing up for an amazing adventure cycling below sea level in Death Valley, CA.

Jim’s bike was shipped last week and is waiting for him in Nevada. Cycling through this intriguing and mystic landscape he will cover 267 miles in 5 days of riding.  Along the way, the course will wind and dive from high elevations of +11,049 to extreme low points of -282 miles below sea level…. the lowest point in North America!
 They say the moonlight dances across the stark desert canvas and the milky way looks so close you could touch it.
 Here is an interactive map, Jim created highlighting the route:   DeathValley Trip   
We’ll do our best to keep you updated along the way!

Almost on my way …

August 27, 2009

I had hoped to show more details on the five bikes, and to explain what makes each one special.  Well, that’ll have to wait as I’ve run out of time — but anyway, the one I’m using on my tour is the one with the “H” headbadge, a Hillborne made by Rivendell.  Riv is a small company based in Walnut Creek CA, and the Hillborne is set up for a trip like this with wider-than-normal tires, fenders for the rain, racks for bags, and super-low gearing for those mountains.  With that low gear I can ride almost slower than a slow walk, and in the mountains that may be just what’s needed!

As a get-ready for my big trip out west, Elena and I spent a few days in Newport, RI, and we both did a lot of riding.  Here’s a night shot of the Newport-Jamestown bridge which I took while waiting for our ferry boat:


This will be my last post from Boston.  I leave for Oregon this Saturday, and if I can get internet access I hope to add photos during my trip.  So long for now!

Ok, let’s move on from Julia.  Some of you know I like to cycle.  Later this month I’m riding along the Pacific coast for two weeks, and here’s my route:

Picture 1

Each point is where I’ll spend one night camping. In the next few posts I’ll show you the various bikes in my stable, and talk about the coming trip.  Remember, every bike you see on the road means ONE LESS CAR!  More soon.