Dinner with QRW

December 22, 2009

I try to have fun with work, and one thing that’s really fun in this business is the chance to enjoy good food and wine.  Last Friday night my wife Elena and I had a delightful dinner with some of the staff of the Quarterly Review of Wines.  By the way, here’s what we shot for the current cover, their Winter ’09 issue:

Editor Randy Sheahan and publisher Richard Elia are both walking encyclopedias on the world of wines.  As we enjoyed dinner at the Winchester Country Club they gave us copious anecdotes and history on the different wines we tasted.  We were joined by Randy’s wife Judy, as well as Harley MacKenzie, managing director; Lily Yamamoto, art director; Joe Cabrera, designer; and Lisa Amore, senior editor. Cheers!


2 Responses to “Dinner with QRW”

  1. Thorsten said

    Like that cover shot very much. The golden color notes giving a festive feeling. Just right for the coming new year’s eve. Happy New Year.

  2. Katherine said

    I love the cover shot and glad that you and Elena enjoyed your dinner!!!

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