Almost on my way …

August 27, 2009

I had hoped to show more details on the five bikes, and to explain what makes each one special.  Well, that’ll have to wait as I’ve run out of time — but anyway, the one I’m using on my tour is the one with the “H” headbadge, a Hillborne made by Rivendell.  Riv is a small company based in Walnut Creek CA, and the Hillborne is set up for a trip like this with wider-than-normal tires, fenders for the rain, racks for bags, and super-low gearing for those mountains.  With that low gear I can ride almost slower than a slow walk, and in the mountains that may be just what’s needed!

As a get-ready for my big trip out west, Elena and I spent a few days in Newport, RI, and we both did a lot of riding.  Here’s a night shot of the Newport-Jamestown bridge which I took while waiting for our ferry boat:


This will be my last post from Boston.  I leave for Oregon this Saturday, and if I can get internet access I hope to add photos during my trip.  So long for now!


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