Print Drawing for New Website Over

March 12, 2009

With the new website unveiled and the winners of the print drawing selected, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the encouragement and support. The number of respondants and the diversity of the selected favorites was way beyond our expectations. One of the best parts about doing what we do is having the chance to collaborate with great creatives and get their feedback. Thank you for your thoughtful comments!

We had a blast opening each entry and putting names into the super secret and tamper-proof shoebox. Originally, we were pretty geared up to pull the names, but as the deadline approached we felt a little sad—–kind of like a kid who’s opened all the presents except for one, and once that one is open, the fun and surprise will be over. So many entries in that box were not going to win, and many more than 5 were really special to us.

In the end, we decided to have a neutral party do the honors. It was very fair, and we made sure the box was thouroughly shaken.

Represented below is a selection of the images that received the highest number of votes.


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